Bungo Beef

Bungo Beef

Oita is proud of its prime
"Bungo Beef".

Bungo Beef cattle are raised in a rich natural environment.

Our desire to have customers enjoy the true original flavor of meat is contained in each steak. Only at a long established steak house like ours can you enjoy carefully selected, thick Bungo Beef steaks that are served at the peak of their.

Oita Bungo Beef Itadaki

Even with in Oita, Somuri's Bungo Steak It is This highest quality of meat is called
"Oita Wagyu Beef",
and only contains high quality meat that is Grade 4 or above.

Bungo Beef

What is “Oita Wagyu Beef”?

Bungo Beef cattle are raised in the rich natural environment of Oita. Bungo Beef has a brilliant history and an impeccable record of high quality.
The main characteristics of Bungo Beef include its tenderness, rich flavor, and the way it almost melts in your mouth. As a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the history of Bungo beef, a grand, new wagyu, “Oita Wagyu Beef” is born, which is the premium selection of rank 4 beef or above, the delicious, great essence from the quality farms.

Bungo Beef


The History of Bungo Beef

The history of Bungo Beef is a long one. At the National Livestock Exhibition in Tokyo in 1921, the top prize went to "Chiyoyama", and there are still records of a parade through the streets of Ginza with a banner reading "Bungo Beef is the best beef in Japan".
Bungo Beef became famous throughout Japan thanks to the "6th National Wagyu Ability Competition", or Wagyu Olympics, which were held in Oita prefecture in 1992, and the impact of the super fertile bull "Itofuku".
achieved brilliant results, as it received the Prime Minister's Award in September 2017 and was ranked 3rd in the nation.
In 2019, as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the history of Bungo beef, a new prefectural brand of wagyu, “Oita Wagyu Beef” is born.

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